Mosaic of Healing: Saying Goodbye to Gina

by | Oct 1, 2023

In my journey as a mosaic artist, I’ve had the privilege of creating numerous stained glass pet portraits. Each piece holds a unique story, often celebrating a cherished life or commemorating a beloved pet. One such story revolves around a neighbor, Alice, and her beloved husky mix, Gina.

A Heartfelt Request:

Alice had heard about my work through word of mouth, and one day, she approached me with a special request – she wanted a portrait of her dear dog, Gina. This wasn’t just an ordinary request; Gina had recently passed away, and Alice, a single woman who lived alone, was grappling with profound heartbreak, both literal and emotional. To add to her troubles, Alice was about to undergo a major heart surgery to correct a serious condition. Although otherwise healthy, at her age, in her mid-60s, the surgery was a daunting prospect.

The grief in Alice’s eyes was unmistakable, and she struggled to hold back tears as we talked about her cherished companion. In the midst of her preparations for the heart surgery, Alice found solace in the idea of a mosaic portrait of Gina. She invited me to her home, where we sat on her cozy couch, pouring through photographs of her beloved husky mix. Alice shared stories of their thirteen years together, reminiscing about the joy and love Ginahad brought into her life.

Infusing Healing Elements

‘We discussed the portrait and how I might capture Vina’s essence to be displayed in Alice’s garden. Inspired by the profound connection between pet and owner, I offered Alice a special version of my standard pet portraits – one that would be larger and crafted using a unique piece of stone from my inventory. It was an exquisite 18-inch round sandstone that I had been saving, waiting for the perfect moment to be transformed into a work of art.

As Alice prepared for her impending surgery, I embarked on the creative journey to craft Gina’s mosaic portrait. I decided to infuse the design with rhodonite crystals, renowned for their healing properties, especially concerning the heart chakra. These crystals are known to aid in coping with loss and grief, mending emotional wounds, and rekindling the capacity to love.  I also charged the crystals with my own healing energy.

A Successful Surgery

Days turned into weeks, and I completed the portrait, pouring my love and intention into every piece of stained glass and every rhodonite crystal. However, I didn’t hear from Alice for what felt like an eternity. I was worried and concerned until the day she finally reached out to me.

Alice’s voice trembled as she shared the news – the surgery had been successful, and she was on the path to recovery. I immediately arranged to deliver the mosaic portrait to her. When she unwrapped it and gazed upon Gina’s image, tears welled up in her eyes once again. “It’s her,” Alice whispered, “it’s my Gina.”

Art and Compassion Unite

Together, we found the perfect spot in her garden, where Alice could view the mosaic of her beloved companion from her window. As I left her with the artwork, I couldn’t help but feel a profound sense of gratitude. I had been fortunate to contribute, in some small way, to Alice’s healing journey – both from the loss of her dear Gina and the trials of heart surgery.

In that moment, I experienced the true power of art and compassion. It’s not just about creating beautiful pieces; it’s about using our talents to heal and uplift others . Alice’s  journey reminds me that, my purpose goes beyond creating art; it’s about crafting moments of solace and hope, one mosaic at a time.

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