Crystal Healing in Mosaic Art

by | Aug 4, 2023


I recently received a generous gift – a collection of crystal stones, including quartz, amethyst, carnelian, jade, turquoise, lapis, rhodonite, and more. These beautiful gemstones are not just visually stunning; they’ve become my new companions in my art and healing journey. In this blog post, I’ll explain how I plan to use them in my memorial pet portraits to help with grief.


Skepticism often arises when discussing using crystals for spiritual or healing purposes. Some medical professionals argue that any benefits from crystals are simply our minds playing tricks on us. But I see nothing wrong with that. Our minds have untapped potential, with vast room for exploration.


If believing in the healing properties of crystal stones brings comfort, solace, and genuine improvements to one’s well-being, then isn’t that a form of healing deserving respect and celebration? Remedies don’t always depend on empirical evidence; they can also be a matter of personal belief and experience. The mind-body connection remains a mysterious terrain, with its depths still being explored.


I’ll bless these precious stones with positive energy and incorporate their essence into my art. My goal is to create pet portrait mosaics that capture the essence of beloved animals and radiate healing energy for viewers.


The Power of Intention: By infusing my art with positive intentions and aligning them with universal energy flow, I aim to create a powerful synergy. This connection enhances my artistic expression and the healing properties of these crystals. Crystals as Energy Amplifiers: Throughout history, crystals have been revered as energy amplifiers. They uniquely enhance and channel the intentions we imbue them with, bridging our individual energy with the cosmic energy network. Aesthetics and Healing: Beyond their metaphysical properties, the visual beauty of these crystals evokes serenity and positivity. Their presence in my art testifies to the interconnectedness of all things, offering comfort and inspiration to viewers. Mind-Body Connection: Regardless of skepticism, there is a tangible connection between our mental and physical states. Belief in cosmic energy flow and crystal healing can profoundly impact our emotional balance, contributing to overall well-being.


The healing journey is deeply personal, yet it reflects our interconnectedness with the universe. The power of belief and intention should never be underestimated. As we recognize the boundless potential of energy and intention, we open the door to transformative possibilities, whether through conventional or unconventional means, like harnessing crystal energy. I am humbled and grateful to continue this creative journey, a harmonious fusion of art, spirituality, and healing, providing a profound blend of beauty and solace for those who may need it most.


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