Down to Earth Mosaics


What is your pricing?

The price of each custom portrait varies depending on a few details, including size.

Please see my pricing sheet.

How can I place my order?

Placing your order is a simple and straightforward process! You start by placing an order on my website which will put you into my work queue. After you complete your order, please send over some pictures of your beloved subject via messenger or email (

Help make the piece come to life by telling me something about your subject! Shed some light into their personality, what they’re like, and any other bits of information you think could help me convey their essence most accurately. I love to truly understand and connect with each subject. My art is a way for me to help you see your loved one for who they are and what they mean to you. If you have particular colors you’d like to see, please specify as well

How long does it take to get the portrait?

I’m a fast worker but at the same time, I see time as a very valuable currency. Spending the time to accurately understand and capture your pet’s essence is my top priority, hence why I work on portraits according to the order in which they are received.

I often work on multiple projects simultaneously, meaning your order won’t take too long. To ensure we are on the same page, I usually have an “early look” ready within 1 -2 week after you place your order. You’ll be able to look at what I’ve worked on so far and see how it’s coming along.

Do you work from photos?

Yes! Multiple photos showing the subject in a variety of settings and environments. Ideally, I want clear photos in good light. Don’t hesitate to send lots of photos – the more photos the better! Lots of photos are important for my process. They help me to see the subject’s personality and lifestyle, understand their essence, and the parts of their appearance that need to be portrayed in specific ways. But do not fret if you can’t access perfect photos, I have also produced beautiful portraits in situations where ideal photos are not possible (in the case of surprising someone with a gift, for example). I can work magic using what you have available. Photos do not need to be perfectly posed either, I create the tableau based on what I learn about your pet and lifestyle.

If you have any, videos can especially helpful.  Videos allow me to see your pet in action, so to speak.  I can glean a surprising amount of information about your pet by seeing how they move and respond to you in a video.  If you’re looking to have a more dynamic or more “alive” portrait, lots of photos and videos come in very handy.

What materials do you use?

My primary material is stained glass.  I also various art glass, beads, metal and found objects.  I do not use glue but mortar each piece of glass securely onto a  foam core backer or cement stepping stone.  Occasionally, I’ll also use other backers (natural stone for example) but most of my pieces can be displayed safely in outdoor settings.  All of my work on foam core backers come with built-in de-ring hangers installed on back of the board.

Can I get progress updates?

The point of having this beautiful piece of art is having something that captures your pet’s personality. I will always send an early look mid-production, to ensure that I have not missed something important. By allowing you to see the mosaic early in the process, enables me to make any needed minor adjustments before we move into the more final stages where the cement products have fully cured. 

In addition, sometimes I like to share progress updates to my stories on my Facebook and Instagram page. If you don’t want progress shared on social media (if the mosaic is a gift for someone), please specify this when you order.

Will you post to social media?

I post on social media depending on your wishes! I usually like to share in-progress photos and the finished mosaic to my social media accounts for advertising. Please let me know if your order is a surprise gift for someone or if you’d rather not share your special piece online. I will hold off posting anything about it except you state otherwise.

Do you accept international orders?

Yes, I ship worldwide and I have sent custom art to many countries already. When you order, you will be able to get calculated shipping based on your country.

How do you ship?

I ship using carriers, USPS, UPS, for FedEx depending on the weight and size of the mosaic.  All shipments are tracked and insured against damage or loss.

Can the mosaics be displayed outdoors?

Yes, most of my mosaics are water resistant and weatherproof. The point of having such a piece of art is keeping memories of your pet and honoring the beautiful bond you share. That’s why it’s important for me to make them as durable and resistant as possible. My custom art pieces are made with mortar and grout, and not glue! Rest easy knowing your pet portrait will be just fine if you display it outdoors.

Additionally, for my hangable pieces, the base is a foam core backer (the same materials used to line showers and wet locations in construction). These pieces can, therefore, be displayed hanging from walls, fences, trees, and other outdoor structures

Do you make custom sizes?

I can make a mosaic in pretty much any size desired. Many other aspects of my process are also customizable. All you have to do is communicate with me and I’ll do my best to ensure that I help bring your dreams to life in art.

How it works

  • To get started: place your order via my website and then email your photos to me
  • Full payment is due when the order is placed but extended payment arrangements are a possibility.
  • Mosaic wall art portraits come with a frame built into the design so no additional framing is needed.  You can, however, add an externally acquired frame if you desire.
  • I am always happy to add a personal note if your purchase is a gift. (I can ship directly to your recipient)
  • Current turn around time is 3 to 4 weeks.  You can expect an early view of your mosaic’s design approximately 1 week after my work commences.
  • If you live in California, state law requires me to collect sales tax on items delivered within the state.

What you get:

  • Hand crafted, heirloom quality stained glass mosaic portrait based on information and photos provided by you.
  • Wall art portraits arrive signed, wired and ready to hang.  Stepping stone portraits arrive ready for inground placement, patio insets and  pathways, and as part of your garden decor.