Down to Earth Mosaics

A Journey of Art and Connection


“When I look into the eyes of an animal, I do not see an animal. I see a living being. I see a friend. I feel a soul.”

-Anthony Douglas Williams – Inside the Divine Pattern

The Journey

Embracing Unseen Talents

In this life, some folks realize their special talents when they’re young, while others stumble upon them later down the road. My journey took a mostly conventional route—I earned an MBA from UC Berkeley and spent a solid three decades as a data consultant working for Kaiser Permanente. Along the way, I got married, became a parent, raised my kids, and found comfort in the company of my beloved standard poodles. I always thought of myself as a numbers and logic person, appreciating art from a distance but never really diving into its creation.

A Sudden Turn of Faith

But as time kept marching on, something unexpected happened—a spiritual revelation if you will. Even though it came rather late in the game, it opened up doors I never even knew existed. Suddenly, I was on a path I hadn’t anticipated, discovering creative talents that had been hiding in plain sight. It was like finding a treasure trove I never thought was mine to uncover.

Awakening the Creative Soul

In this chapter of my story, I’ve found myself becoming more in tune with the feelings of others–humans and animals– connecting on a deeper level. This deep sense of empathy plays hand-in-hand with my natural ability to capture the essence of things—their physicality, how they are. After discovering my passion for glass in a randomly taken class at Berkeley’s Stained Glass Garden, I directed this talent into creating glass mosaic art, a unique form of self-expression.

Shards of Connection

With my art, I’m not just putting colors and pieces of glass together. I’m telling a tale—a tale about how everything is connected, all the lives and moments woven together. Every time I put a piece of glass in place, it’s like stitching another thread into the grand tapestry of existence. I know that this surprise talent of mine—making these glass mosaic artworks that bring peace and healing to people—is the universe expressing itself through my open heart and willing hands.

Epiphany through Glass

As I keep moving along this path, I’ve come to realize that each shard of glass, each splash of color, holds a bit of creative magic. It’s like I’m sharing a secret that the cosmos has whispered to me. My art isn’t just about me anymore; it’s like a mirror reflecting the connections that tie all living things together. And in realizing this, I stand amazed, because what I’m doing isn’t just art—it’s the universe’s way of speaking, using me as its instrument, spreading happiness and a sense of togetherness.

Alicia Taylor Low
finger labyrinths
dog bench

The Art

I make glass mosaic art and objects that are both beautiful and durable, using unique designs and premium materials. These creations serve as a lasting memory of significant events, special individuals, or beloved pets. Handcrafted at my Berkeley, California workshop, each mosaic is individually designed.

Versatile in nature, my pieces can be placed indoors or outdoors, transforming living spaces into energetically inviting environments. Reflecting and transforming light, my mosaics bring subjects to life with twinkling eyes and a lifelike presence. While I typically work from photos, my aim is not photo-realism, but instead to use exquisite glass to capture each individual’s unique sparkle. Aside from portraits, I also craft intentional memorial art for both humans and animals. This work carries a profound significance for me, as it frequently brings solace and comfort to those in grief, encapsulating the essence of a loved one within a tangible keepsake.

While much of my work is custom and commissioned, I occasionally undertake personal projects fueled by the desire to capture a subject, event or emotion in mosaic glass. Contact me at Down to Earth Mosaics, and let’s discuss a mosaic project that truly speaks to your heart.

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