Lessons From My Granddaughters

by | May 30, 2023

A Shift in Perspective

I used to think that some people were naturally gifted at creating beautiful art, while the rest of us were left without that talent. But as time has passed, I’ve realized that this isn’t true. Through my own experiences, I’ve come to see that every person has a wellspring of creativity within them. My granddaughters have been instrumental in this realization.

At just four and six years old, my granddaughters show a remarkable knack for creating art. For them, art isn’t something difficult or rare; it’s a way of expressing themselves naturally. They effortlessly express their thoughts through drawing, sculpting, painting, and more. Their lives are filled with an abundance of creativity, evident in the various forms of art they engage in.

 The Erosion of Creativity

Creativity is a natural part of every child, an important aspect of who we are. When we’re young, we use this creativity without worries or pressure from society. But as we grow older, something changes. Many of us start to lose the urge to express ourselves through art. This change doesn’t happen to everyone though. Throughout history, countless artists have emerged, celebrated for their remarkable creativity. Nevertheless, for most of us, the truth is that our creative abilities usually don’t stay as vibrant as they were when we were kids.

Watching my granddaughters as they bring their imaginative ideas to life reminds me that the basic and primal urge to create resides within all of us. It’s a fundamental aspect of being human. Just like how a child’s simple crayon drawing is a form of creation as ancient as the first cave paintings, we’re wired to create.

The heart of this journey lies in preserving our creative spirit as we age. Can we hold onto our creative core despite the pressures of time? Life’s responsibilities, expectations, and norms can dim our creative spark. However, the shift began for me with the realization that creativity isn’t an unattainable trait but an inherent part of me—a guiding light throughout my life’s journey.

Reclaiming Creative Identity

Through the story of my own life, I’ve come to understand that the dwindling of creative passion isn’t inevitable. It’s a call to action—an invitation to break free from self-doubt, reignite my uninhibited expression, and reshape my creative identity. I’ve learned from the openness of my granddaughters and gained understanding that creative essence is our artistic birthright. It can be rekindled and cherished throughout our lives.

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